Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Fountain of Flowers

My Fountain is currently overflowing with Flowers of Friendship.
Ms P had brought these for me; an entire basketload of Stargazer lilies, hidden under wet napkins to keep them fresh on the drive over.
She works as a gardener for a lady whose garden is blessed with an abundance of these fragrant ladies.
And I, lucky friend, get to have a share of the bounty!

This 'well dressing' is in honour of the two Fountains in France which inspired us to have one put in here at Quail Hill: the first was at a bar, appropriately called Bar De La Fontaine, where we had the most delicious Fresh Omelettes ever made, slightly runny inside with a side order of a caesar salad and served with warm slices of baguette.
(I do not know if I was taking pictures of the food at that time, I just know that in future I will do so!).

Tthe other was in the town square of Uzes, called Place Aux Herbes, where only on Market days, (being mindful of water conservation) does the water flow.
Blessings of joyful water splashing in fountains be yours.

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