Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturnsday: The Last Weekend of Nuvember..

Dear Perusers:
The neighbours have thrown down the 'Light Your House Up' Gauntlet and we have been trying to get our balcony lights up before the S**W falls (predicted for Sunday)
Blessings to all those wobbling on tall ladders and stringing Christmas Lights!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Freyas Day: Free For All - Clean Sweep

"If everyone swept their own front porch, then the whole world would be clean." (Dutch saying)
Blessings to those who are busy keeping their front porch swept.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Over the Malahat to a Movie: Ender's Game

There was a rumour going around town, in the second year we moved here, that yes indeed, we were going to get a Decent Stadium Seating type theatre: Cineplex was the name mentioned.
Sadly this never happened.
So when we want to watch something in comfort (and in my case actually SEE the screen without some huge body blocking my view) we hightail it over the Malahat mountain to the Tillicum Mall Cineplex Odeon.
Knowing we have to do this trip. has caused us to pick our movies carefully. otherwise we just wait for them to be on Netflix and save ourselves driving and gas.
Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, has been on the top of our must see list for some time and I for one, did not read the reviews ahead of time, as I wanted to make up my own mind.
Our verdict: 8/10 - well crafted, good story, stayed more or less true to the book (probably because Orson Scott Card the Author was one of the Producers) and didn't try to make the props more important than the people involved. I particularly liked the zero g practice arena: incredibly realistic.
On the way home, we both agreed that it was a great way to spend an afternoon as I think we both have been missing our 'movie fix' for some time.
Blessings to those involved in the Industry who craft such wonderful stories for us to enjoy.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This Week's Rambles: Make Room For Joy!

Dear Perusers:
Arbutus on Malahat Mountain
It will be a week's jumble due to various appointments which have kept me from my keyboard but not thankfully from my pocket camera which goes everywhere with me.
It has become a daily mantra, cellphone, camera, wallet, keys. With these four I can face the world along with A Gigamungous Cup of Bean as well!
Now that Nuvember is pulling his hat from the peg on the wall and is holding the door open about to depart, I have decided to write down some of the things I have learned in dealing with this Month.
First Thought: Nuvember will always be a month of Memory:  a lot bad, some good, so I will continue to allow room for more good memories to pile up in that Bank Vault of Time.
I had thought by joining and in some cases purchasing online creative classes would be a big help. This was not so successful. All the ones I chose for this month had either a due date built in with a goal (like Nanowrimo) or were daily email prompts ie check ins (like !Spark! run by a great group of Cosmic Cowgirls)
My inner spirit rebelled to the point where I invited a guest to stay for a week during the second half of the month.
Since I have left the corporate world and am no longer concerned with time and clocks other than lunch coffee and dinner and the occasional appointment such as airport pickup and dropoff, my creative ebb and flow mirror this and do not in any Way 'fit' the slot assigned to it by these courses.
So what have I learned from all this?
Not to book myself into courses that require word counts, daily shares, checkins or prompts.
The immense wave of 'whoosh'' that came over me when I realized this morning that I no longer HAD to write much less finish That Novel was a sure sign that the La Musa agreed with me.
I Am Constantly Writing either in my head or in my journal or online, so to tack on another Writing assignment for me during This Month of all months was a 'bridge too far.'
Now, with that being said, I do admit, I have gotten further than ever in writing that Novel than I have in years and yes I do need to be encouraged to drag it out every once in a while but not during Nuvember.
Second Thought: Surrounding myself with and photographing Beauty helped. Loads. It was even better and more memorable when I shared it with our guest, who is a photographer as well.
Third Thought: Make my Art Space Sacred and my Self Care Time Sacred as well. Book a facial, pedi or massage. Have my hair style revamped.
I will print these out and put them in next year's calendar as a Reminder to Not Overdo. I think the words here should be 'Thou Shalt Be Gentle On Thyself'.
So to recap: I am thankful for the Nanowrimo experience: I went further than I ever thought I would so Kudos to me for even trying!
The !Spark! Forum is fantastic and would have been sufficient by itself had it not run into my daily commitment to write for Nanowrimo.
(Next year, if inclined, do not try both at same time, one will do)
Continue to get out and shoot daily.
More hands on crafts for Solstice as opposed to bought.
More Self Care.
I think that's enough for next year's Nuvember. I will most likely revisit some of those thoughts and probably add to the list.
In case you were missing it, here are Shots of the Week (so far)
SockMonkey Bolens Books Victoria
2Shot Tuesday: A Court of Quail on the Hill
 Blessings on those in this Hemisphere facing the early darkening days and blessings on those in the Southern Hemiisphere as you go from Spring into Summer.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday: Brief Beauty

Rare Nuvember sunshine
striking the stone wall -
a brief burst of joy.

The quiet primrose
moon-white in the shadows,
shyly pokes their heads out
there is no snow.

How truly it is said
that one kind word
can warm three months of Winter.

Blessings to all those who read this on the last few days of Nuvember.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturnsday: Mr Bear Takes Me For A Walk

I was peacefully lounging in my jammies and the clock had just gone on past noon thirty.
Mr Bear came bouncing in to the bedroom, briefly disrupting my reading of the exploits of Poirot which I had downloaded to my tablet.
"OK", he said brightly, "Here's the plan for the day. Get dressed have breakfast and we are going OUT. I don't know where, but just Out as it is Too Nice A Day to stay indoors!"
We didn't go too far, as the sun sets really early around here, so we only have about four hours of daylight until it gets dark usually around 4 pm.  The Momentous Dike Project which stretches like a dragon's tail and curls around the edge of a cornfield and ends in a small willow tree park was deemed to be our goal.
Perfect walking: smooth and straight and once you get back to the car,
Coffee is only a short 10 minutes away.
We tried our usual Starbucks but since they have removed the comfy seats and dimmed the lights, we went instead to what is becoming our new favourite: the Twisted Mug.
Back home, after unloading the groceries, I happened to look out our kitchen window and saw this.
What a Spectacular Ending to a Great Day!
Blessings to all weekend walker and picture takers out there!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Freyas Day: Happy Friday & The Art of Giving Twice.

Dear Perusers:
A Friendly Tip to those Reluctant Gardeners Out There:
Here at Quail Hill, Nuvember has definitely decided to make itself known that it is a close cousin to Winter: our night time temperatures now go from minus 2 - minus 7. Knowing that this will wreck havoc on my hose nozzles (they really do not take freezing well) I REMEMBERED to bring them in as I do not want to spend money on something I could have saved from frost's destruction. I forgot to tell our house sitters to do that last winter and paid the price (pun!) for it this past gardening year.
The Gifting Season is soon upon us:
Furoshiki Book CoverI love giving (and receiving!) handmade gifts and I really love the Japanese idea of giving 'twice' by wrapping the gift in something pretty and useable. This style of gift wrapping in material is called 'furoshiki',  a beautiful deceptively simple artform that is not only a joy to watch being folded but a joy to receive as well.
(Kindly click on the photo to go to the squidoo site to see the tutorial of the furoshiki book cover)
If you go to my pinterest, I have collected a few images to share with you on there as well. Have fun.
Blessings to all tapers, wrappers, paper hoarders (who me?) out there - you Know Who You Are!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Well that was the Week That Was..

and what Fun We Had with John!
Dear Perusers (and a Very Special Hello to John's Mum who may peek in here from time to time)
Mrs D: He was an absolute delight and fell right into the 'family' way of doing things around here: which means the First Night you are our 'guest', the next morning, you are 'family'.
Fast forward to today;
This morning at the 'crack of birdchirp' we poured him into the car, and hit the road, being careful as we had our first Hard Frost last night.
I am inserting a small photo time capsule of his week with us and hope you can view it.
Blessings to all who are gearing up for hosting, guesting and general merry making.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wodensday Hump Day: & the Coffee House Search Was On!

Dear Perusers:
I am sure I must have told you a few times by now, that we will be hosting a Calgarian 'snow' refugee for a week, starting tomorrow? No? Well now you know.
Not only is he a true Scissor Wizard, John is also a camera afficienado (he used to work for Canon) and loves to shoot as much as we do!
Thankfully there is still some colour left in Nuvember for him to take back to Calgary, so others may ooh and ah over his good fortune at being out here for a week. (chuckle) (aren't we evil?)
For heaven's sake, I still have strawberries trying to ripen in my baskets outside!
(see yesterday's post if you don't believe me)
Therefore, in preparation for this August Person's arrival, we have been on the hunt for a 'decent' ie COMFORTABLE welcoming atmosphere coffee shop. Our beloved (and I do mean 'beloved') Starbucks has sadly fallen into the clutches of the evil bean counters (accountants not baristas) who replaced the Wonderful Comfy Leather Sofa with hard back chairs, put in a long wooden table (again with hard back chairs) and dimmed the lights. I am not kidding; it's so damn dim in there, you are hard pressed to read anything and its daylight outside!
We had heard about 'Coffee On The Moon' from our neighbour-cousin Bonnie and I vaguely remember going there for the first time, probably in our first year here. Mr Bear suggested a revisit today, and I am so very glad he did! It was comfy, WELCOMING and had glory of glories, a nice long back and seat PADDED bench! Not only that, o be still my heart, it was close to a wall plug! The only drawback is that they only take cash or debit cards. For what I have found, namely a NICE Ambience, easily forgivable.
I can work there and did so with their FREE WIFI! Blessings to all those who have found 'that coffee shop'. May it live Long and Prosper!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2 Shots Twosday


Sunchoke Spirals                                                                           Ever Bearing Strawberry
Nuvember still has one or two tricks up her sleeve in the Garden Surprise department.
Blessings to all those who find can find colour even on the most gray of days.

Monday, November 11, 2013

11 November 11:00 - We Will Remember You

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.'

Dedicated To Our John Who Served and Survived and Talked About It Rarely.

John's Final Resting Place: Quail Hill
I would ask that all who view this, take some time out today and remember them.

Blessings to all those who still serve and will continue to do so.
(Thank you John)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

FreyasDay Saturnsday Sunday

Dear Perusers (all 3 of you - grin)
FAIR WARNING! The Dread 'C' word is mentioned in this post!
The Weekend has come suddenly upon me!
I confess that blogging on here will be hit or miss due to Travel (which took up most of the first week) and now I am fully committed to the Pencil Chewing Head Scratching Coffee Consuming Typing Wildly NANOWRIMO. 
Yes, I signed up for it: silly me.
And of COURSE right dab smack in the middle of it - I am hosting our friend John  (the scissor wizard) for a week and I will have to skirt around our hair-cuts, photography and Craft sales (like Christmas Chaos)  to make time to write. 
Thank G! I have a Galaxy Samsung Tablet and collapsible Verbatim keyboard which I can perch on my laptray (for typing in bed as soon as I have enough bean and my eyes are cracked open) or at the local Starbucks perched on one of their tables CLOSE to an electrical outlet! Oh? You have that problem too? They hide them you know, usually in the most inconvenient of places and our local Timmy's (Tim Hortons Coffee and Donut) do not have ONE single plug available. Nada. Believe me, I have looked!
Oops, I have run out of Bean and the Muse is calling - need to go catch her before she disappears with all those good plot ideas!
Blessings of a plentitude of yellow pencils to all Authors out there!

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thorsday Thoughts

The Nuvember monsoons have truly welcomed us back to the Island. Last night, a good pounding on our roof was heard and the delightful sound of water running down the eavestrough.
We were lucky, Autumn kept the monsoon at bay until Hallowe'en was over with so the little critters would be safe and dry.
Today Mr Bear and I ventured out to restock the fridge and pantry and by golly, it was only just past four pm but dark! The streetlamps were on and so were our headlights! It might have been 10 pm for all the light we had. Daylight savings has gone and we are now definitely into fallback mode as far as time keeping is concerned.
Is it just me,  or are things slower to get to at this time of year?
This photo shows the last of of my 'caffeinated' hydrangeas drying in the milk jug.
I stuck in the last of the lavender for good measure as well.
Blessings to all those who can take time out during this month to regain some energy before the Silly Season begins.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Sunday Moonday Twosday

Dear Perusers:
My daily bloggng has been hit by an attack of the Mainlandus Interruptus.
Normal blathering will resume once I return home to the Island.
In the meantime, feel free to wander down and comment on the 100 plus posts that I have done so far.
Blessings on your week and may the Silly Season not drive you too crazy!

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Saturnsday: Tonight We Were Transported... a wonderful film called 'Enchanted April', to San Salvatore - an Italian Medieval Castle perched high on the coastline of Portofino.
The castle (Castello Brown) exists only as a museum but oh! the Light and the Gardens!
We have been gearing up for our trip to Italy and tonight seemed a perfect night (rainy and cold - the Nuvember monsoons have arrived) to indulge in a little sunshine by watching this delightful production.
Another reason I wanted to watch it tonight, was to remind us, that we don't have to necessarily circle our vacation time around the Autumn months: we could do Spring.
This may be the case, as we found out that the First Class airmiles we have collected over the years are worse than useless in the Fall. Even though we have the points, we can only travel Economy.
So back to the website, searching will ensue and hopefully a month will emerge that will let us fly in comfort.
Blessings to all those struggling to navigate the mire of air miles.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Freyas Free For All: WHITE RABBITS! and..

Bless Your Socks and Undies Day as well!
Re: the White Rabbits thing:
If you say 'white rabbits' three times in the morning, on the first day of the month, before anything else like, 'where's my socks?' you will be graced with good luck all month long.
Who can argue with that?
And as for the Socks and Undies Blessing Day: why that falls on the 1st Friday of the month.
So today was a double hit of Good Luck and a Blessing besides!
Now, aren't you glad you popped in to read this?
Tonight is the kind of night that makes you want to rip open a leftover mini chocolate bar (taken from the Hallowe'en stash downstairs), listen to the heavy rain, bless the fact that you got your snowtires put on today, doubly bless the fact you are not facing 10cm of the white stuff that your friends in Calgary are, and happy you have airmiles to spend in order to bring one of those hapless souls (a true master of scissors) out west to cut your hair!
O and I am also (shhhh) writing again.
Blessings to all those who are sucking on the end of their pencil right now wondering how the heck they are going to do 50K words this month for NaNoWriMo! (just don't ask me how I know)