Friday, November 22, 2013

Freyas Day: Happy Friday & The Art of Giving Twice.

Dear Perusers:
A Friendly Tip to those Reluctant Gardeners Out There:
Here at Quail Hill, Nuvember has definitely decided to make itself known that it is a close cousin to Winter: our night time temperatures now go from minus 2 - minus 7. Knowing that this will wreck havoc on my hose nozzles (they really do not take freezing well) I REMEMBERED to bring them in as I do not want to spend money on something I could have saved from frost's destruction. I forgot to tell our house sitters to do that last winter and paid the price (pun!) for it this past gardening year.
The Gifting Season is soon upon us:
Furoshiki Book CoverI love giving (and receiving!) handmade gifts and I really love the Japanese idea of giving 'twice' by wrapping the gift in something pretty and useable. This style of gift wrapping in material is called 'furoshiki',  a beautiful deceptively simple artform that is not only a joy to watch being folded but a joy to receive as well.
(Kindly click on the photo to go to the squidoo site to see the tutorial of the furoshiki book cover)
If you go to my pinterest, I have collected a few images to share with you on there as well. Have fun.
Blessings to all tapers, wrappers, paper hoarders (who me?) out there - you Know Who You Are!

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