Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wodensday Hump Day: & the Coffee House Search Was On!

Dear Perusers:
I am sure I must have told you a few times by now, that we will be hosting a Calgarian 'snow' refugee for a week, starting tomorrow? No? Well now you know.
Not only is he a true Scissor Wizard, John is also a camera afficienado (he used to work for Canon) and loves to shoot as much as we do!
Thankfully there is still some colour left in Nuvember for him to take back to Calgary, so others may ooh and ah over his good fortune at being out here for a week. (chuckle) (aren't we evil?)
For heaven's sake, I still have strawberries trying to ripen in my baskets outside!
(see yesterday's post if you don't believe me)
Therefore, in preparation for this August Person's arrival, we have been on the hunt for a 'decent' ie COMFORTABLE welcoming atmosphere coffee shop. Our beloved (and I do mean 'beloved') Starbucks has sadly fallen into the clutches of the evil bean counters (accountants not baristas) who replaced the Wonderful Comfy Leather Sofa with hard back chairs, put in a long wooden table (again with hard back chairs) and dimmed the lights. I am not kidding; it's so damn dim in there, you are hard pressed to read anything and its daylight outside!
We had heard about 'Coffee On The Moon' from our neighbour-cousin Bonnie and I vaguely remember going there for the first time, probably in our first year here. Mr Bear suggested a revisit today, and I am so very glad he did! It was comfy, WELCOMING and had glory of glories, a nice long back and seat PADDED bench! Not only that, o be still my heart, it was close to a wall plug! The only drawback is that they only take cash or debit cards. For what I have found, namely a NICE Ambience, easily forgivable.
I can work there and did so with their FREE WIFI! Blessings to all those who have found 'that coffee shop'. May it live Long and Prosper!

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