Sunday, November 10, 2013

FreyasDay Saturnsday Sunday

Dear Perusers (all 3 of you - grin)
FAIR WARNING! The Dread 'C' word is mentioned in this post!
The Weekend has come suddenly upon me!
I confess that blogging on here will be hit or miss due to Travel (which took up most of the first week) and now I am fully committed to the Pencil Chewing Head Scratching Coffee Consuming Typing Wildly NANOWRIMO. 
Yes, I signed up for it: silly me.
And of COURSE right dab smack in the middle of it - I am hosting our friend John  (the scissor wizard) for a week and I will have to skirt around our hair-cuts, photography and Craft sales (like Christmas Chaos)  to make time to write. 
Thank G! I have a Galaxy Samsung Tablet and collapsible Verbatim keyboard which I can perch on my laptray (for typing in bed as soon as I have enough bean and my eyes are cracked open) or at the local Starbucks perched on one of their tables CLOSE to an electrical outlet! Oh? You have that problem too? They hide them you know, usually in the most inconvenient of places and our local Timmy's (Tim Hortons Coffee and Donut) do not have ONE single plug available. Nada. Believe me, I have looked!
Oops, I have run out of Bean and the Muse is calling - need to go catch her before she disappears with all those good plot ideas!
Blessings of a plentitude of yellow pencils to all Authors out there!

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