Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3shot Twosday: Victoria

It's The Day Before the Vernal Equinox and already we can sense the Turning.
Victoria Clinic Day for the Bears.
Though Victoria  is only 45 minutes to the south of us, it is about 3 weeks ahead as far as 'the blooming' is concerned. Already her cherry and plum blossoms were being blown off the trees and creating what the locals call; 'victoria snow'. (they can say that with pride as they really don't get much of the real stuff).

So on to my other 2shots:
The Irish Times pub which has a wonderful ambience (we were in the McArthy's snug- nice and quiet) and the food was GOOD! I rate it 5 forks out of 5!
Since Spring is nigh, of course that Other Chocolate Holiday is now rabbiting towards us at break- neck speed. I could not resist snapping this shot of Chocolate Stiletto heels. I know a certain friend of mine who love a pair!
Blessings of the Oncoming Spring or Fall (depending) to all on here.

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