Monday, April 21, 2014

Mozart and Me - Gardening

Dear Perusers:
Who knew that Amadeus was such an ardent gardener?
His music perfectly suits whatever gardening tasks I have to do, plunk out goes the soil, plunkity plunk plonk, in goes the plant and tweetly tweet on the flutes just to keep the birds happy. (they join in, especially that red winged blackbird who has recently moved to one of our nearby trees.)
This post could also be called: Bluetooth Gardening. I am constantly amazed by the tech wizardry of my bluetooth pendant slung around my neck as it goes out and hunts for the channel I have selected on my Galaxy tablet. Ah ha! found it: and CalmRadio Mozart comes in loud and clear in my ear pieces.

Gardening to Mozart is one heck of a way to spend a pleasurable mild overcast but not rainy afternoon, 'doing up' my Provencal flower boxes. I missed doing these last year, so I am replacing the pansies with lobelia and geraniums in hopes I will attract the swallowtail butterflies and hummingbirds once more.

Blessings of Mozart or any other great composer on your Gardening endeavours!

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