Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring all of a Sudden! and DLP Weeks 5-9

Dear Perusers:
Today was a wonderfully warm day - about 20C or more in the bright sunshine and above all -
The Snow is Melting! 
My Diane Witch Hazel withstood a good couple of feet of snow dumped on top of her and today showed me she still had life and a bit of colour, though her party dress is now fading.
When we went downtown for breakfast brunch at the Doghouse Restaurant this morning, people were wandering around in shirt sleeves and light jackets and I saw them pausing at corners and letting the sun soak into their bones.
We go here for my favourite: french toast with either blueberries or apple cinnamon slices.
This brunch was a specal treat as it was a 'thank you for helping me get a tax return' from our friend Mr B.  He said if he got money back he would treat us to breakfast and he did and he did.
The Documented Life Project  (you can find link on sidebar if interested in details)
I know I am also a bit behind in posting my DLP pictures, so to 'catch you up' here is -
DLP WK 5 - Doodle Border
DLP WK 6 - Pinterest Inspiration: (in this case - Brighid)
DLP WK 7 - Repeat Pattern:
DLP WK 8 - Add a flap to your  flap
DLP WK 9 - Collaged recycled items: envelope and earbud tube:
And now that we have thankfully come through an unusually heavy snowfall with no power outage and plenty of wood, we are truly grateful.
Blessings to all those who shared this Island Snowfall with us.

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