Monday, December 02, 2013

Cyber Monday? Holy Moly..

Black white or otherwise: Holy Intel: just how many more 'special' days can we possibly fit into the Season?  Now we have Cyber Monday? 
(No, I did not take my deck chair, porta-potty, food hamper, generator, down sleeping bag, and sleep outside in the parking lot outside a BIG BOX STORE for two nights, just so I could be one of the first to snag a Big Screen whatever!)
Since I have no idea how to celebrate such an Important Date, I have decided to write about today in my Cyber Office (ie Starbucks coffee shop) and why I love this town. 
I had re injured my left heel and was clomping along with my medi-boot, when the door was held open for me. Wow, that was nice.
Then as I went up to get my drink, I left my tablet, keyboard, plug, all set up in the corner of the shop, knowing that I would be coming back to it completely untouched.
Not only that, there was an iphone lying on one of the small tables, all by its lonesome while its owner went up to the counter to order her drink.
Again, she like me, was not worried about coming back to find it 'gone'.
As Mr Bear says, This is Not The City.
So here I sit, juice available for my thirsty tablet, a free Vente Hot Apple Caramel at hand and my Planner to update - What could be more wonderful on a Cyber Monday?
This is the view of the setting sun on Mt Tzhouhalem seen through the Front Window  -
Blessings of the Cyber Honesty Kind to all cybermonkeys (like me) out there.

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