Friday, December 13, 2013

Mr Bear and St Lucia - Together again!

December 13 is not only Mr Bear's birthday, it is also St.Lucia Day in Scandinavia!
The photo to the left shows the traditional 'lussekatte' which is served with coffee on this Day.
Re: Mr Bear's Birthday:
This year, Mr Bear's natal day falls on a Friday and as there was no way I could let that pass, I decided to put the invite out to a Good Luck Cake and Coffee Party and asked invitees to bring something lucky to give him (ie a penny, a horseshoe nail etc).
It will be interesting to see what folks come up with!
I will try to post pix of the celebration later on but in the meantime enjoy the video link to the Light Bringer of the North.
Blessings of Light as we head into the Darkest Night of the Year.

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