Monday, December 09, 2013

I know its early but..New Year's Stream-A-Thon or WHat Was i THINKING?!

Dear Perusers:
One of the most delightful, talented, funny, and a real Ruler Whizz, Ozegran (or Jen) from Down Under, hosted a New Year's Eve Stream-A-Thon last year. This Now Famous (some say Infamous) Event was where other Ustreamer Artlies each took on an hour or two of crafting wonderfulness online during the first 24 hours of the New Year which began in Australia (where Jen is) and ended up on the West Coast.
This year, she has the complete 24 hours filled and o my - guess who 'volunteered' Mr Bear and I to host the Midnight Show on New Year's Eve for an hour, in which we get to welcome in the New Year for the Pacific Northwest? I will leave you to guess who the 'volunteer'er' was!
Here is a link to All the Excitement: 2013 New Year's Eve StreamAThon
Now, what can I do for my hour that will fill people's hearts with love and joy? (pretty tall order)?!
Last I heard there was a Theme: Journals (I think) but if it's A Series of 3d PopUp Cards that go Pop and Bang! when opened, well then, I'm sunk. Period.
So far I've been blithely ignoring any information to the contrary and have doing drafts of an ArtBook (in my head and at the kitchen table) that I have named the Secret O R F Booklet in honour of Jen and her daughter Mandy. I think I may do 3 Variations if time permits. I first have to get my PDFS and supply list together first!
I am not sure at this point what Mr Bear will be doing, he may decide to crochet an egg cozy (lol) -God love him, but he Is One of those irritatingly talented individuals who can read someone's directions in crochet (Swedish no less!) translate it and come out with THIS!
I rest my case.
In the meantime, I am hunting for my glue gun, trying to think of how to arrange a table downstairs for the PC and where the heck will we put the tree.. o yeah. in all the NYE Streamathon beeswax, I have semi - forgot there were a couple of important dates beforehand: Mr Bear's Birthday on December 13 (yup it's a Friday!) and of course Christmas! Maybe that's why I can't find anything, it's buried under wrapping paper?
In the meantime, we have continued albeit slowly (due to the unusual cold we have been having) to hang more lights on
ComeWhatMay's balconies.
We will be adding more around the door, it is very much a Work In Progress around here!
Ok, back to business, Blessings to all those who are thinking about the Feast Day coming up and wondeirng if you have room in your deep freezer for that large a turkey?


  1. Oooh I LOVE that Mr.Bear can crochet!! He can teach me a thing or two :-)
    Hehe love that you named your projext in honour of mum and I, so sweet!! <3
    Your christmas lights look beautiful too!

    1. Thank you Mandi! House is not finished being 'lit' yet, will post photo when I think it's 'done'. I'll let Mr Bear know you are interested in his crochet technque. Blessings to you and Jen!

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