Saturday, December 14, 2013

Week 2 - December photos - here there and everywhere

Dear Perusers:
1. My friend Bette's favourite colour is turquoise and as it is Scandinavian custom to hang hearts on the Yule tree, I thought to do a crocheted blue heart for her. It may be a bit lopsided, but was sent off with 'heartfelt' blessings. (g)
2. Mr Bear's Birthday Present from me or what do you give the Man In Your Life who is a Big Bang Theory Fan?
Answer: a replica of Leonard and Sheldon's shower curtain of course! 
3.Downtown Duncan merchants have a Holiday Window Display Contest in which each get the same critter (this year it's a hamster) and have to include it in their display.
4. Wrapping prezzies for the little ones in front of the TV watching BBT of course!
5. and FINALLY Finding the Xmas Tablecloth after doing an archeological dig through the stacked boxes in the laundry room!
Blessings to all those who have gone out to capture a Live Tree for the Season - be careful out there, they have been known to 'bark' and 'pitch' at you! (g)

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