Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Big Blow's A Comin' In & Yellow Gray Card Challenge

Autumn has put on her dancing shoes and is busy selecting dancing partners for tonight's 'Howlin South'Easter'.
By all accounts (ie the Weather Office) it will be a Great Party: gusts and blows of up to 100km (60 miles) are expected. Our area's dancing card will be full.
Already the ferries on both sides - Island and Mainland have stopped running for the day and are tied up for the night.
We live in an area surrounded by trees and overhead power lines.
When the Douglas Firs and BigLeaf Maples get to 'swinging their partners' that's usually 'lights out' for the neighbourhood!
We have since learned how to handle the usual power outage that comes with this Party:
1 - have a shower (hot water is the first to go when the power goes)
2 - run the dishwasher
3 - do a load of laundry if desperately needed
4 - bring in a load of firewood for the Copper Woman downstairs (our wood stove)
5 - split kindling and have it ready
6 - have a pot of fresh hot coffee made
Candles, flashlight, and a plug in phone (not battery operated) are at the ready.
It used to be more serious for us when Mr Bear was on the dialysis cycler: having it quit in the middle of the night was Not Fun - thankfully we were able to weather that one successfully.
The only occasion we had to fire up the gas generator, bring it on to the deck and string an extension cord into the office, was so Mr Bear could have juice for his computer.
He had to deal with a cranky client who simply did not understand why Mr Bear could not solve his problems right then and there!
So this afternoon, while I still had juice, I twitted and listened in and found out about this week's card challenge from my artful group: yellow and gray.
Here is what I did for it:
I am going to send it on to a friend who is having a bit of a hard time and I will include a starbucks or timmy card so she can take a much Needed Break!
Blessings to those of you who like us are busy battening down the hatches as we wait this one out!

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  1. So glad you and Mr Bear are safe! Your card for the challenge is pretty darn cool!!