Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Musings or I TOAD you so!

It started out as a typical Monday thing to do: Get Garnet (our beloved Honda) a tune up before this Week of Travel begins. She is not only going to be zooming up and down the Malahat to Mr Bear's Transplant Clinic, but later in the week, will be on a ferry and transporting us to a Cousins Reunion over on the mainland. Mr Bear always likes to make sure Garnet is in good running order for these jaunts.

We actually look forward to going to this particular Honda dealer as they are an easy walk to the nearest TIMMY's where as luck would have it, we would be meeting up with our island cousins for lunch.
So there we were, pulling in to the Honda dealership and after we stopped, I opened my door, put my foot out and felt/ heard 'squish'. I looked down and there was a previously deceased Western Toadlet on the ground. Poor thing! I flipped him out of the way with my shoe and saw that he had joined another dead brother under a stack of tires. Turns out that the Honda Dealership is right dab smack in the middle of Toad Hollow and the Annual Toad Migration has begun.
They spawn in the woods and ponds on one side of the road, then hop across in droves (toadfuls?) to the other, to live out their lives until the Mating Urge forces them to do play 'dodge'em' with vehicle traffic.
I found more information about it on a great blog called TOAD HOLLOW PHOTOS. Check them out for great shots and an amazing heartful story (toadily wonderful)
When they first started out, millenia ago, they didn't have to worry about cars squishing them. Now they do and it's a danger to both them and the driver! Think greased lightning and multiply that by 1000 if you hit a few!
So a fence has been built and the municipal road crew actually block off a portion of the road until the Toads get through doing whatever it is that Toads do under the light of a full moon (the next one is September 19).
Blessings to the Toad Protection League and their efforts to preserve an endangered species!


  1. aw, i love the toads, love that they migrate, and probably more of all, love that someone has their back! thx for sharing, because i never would have known... :) and i love seeing your blog, and all the pictures you take. you know that i don't always have the ability to read all the words, but you photos are always beautiful, and your efforts are appreciated, even if i don't say it enough... :)

    1. Thanks Lissa! I am trying to do more pictures than words on here for my posts. Bless you for checking in! <3 WJ

  2. Blessings, indeed, to the Toad Protection League!

    1. Indeed Dear Toad Loving Sister! and may your garden be blessed by at least one! Toadful blessings.