Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Sweet Art of Doing Nothing Kind of Day

About this time next year we should be in Toscana Italy.
Indian Summer must have heard our plans.
She has been giving us 'Italian temperatures' for the last few days pushing reluctant Fall into the High 30C's.
So we have adopted a 'when in Rome' kind of attitude and headed for a cooler area to while away the afternoon.
I had said to Mr Bear: I have only 4 requests, sea, shade, water and ice cream.

All four were fulfilled and more : in the case of the ice cream, it was a home made chocolate ice cream bar covered in roasted pecans.
I had some beading to catch up on, Mr Bear read aloud to me from his latest Nero Wolfe e novel and the crows cawed at us from the overhanging branches of the plane tree.
The sea was watercoloured blue silk and the mountains a darker blue and as we sat there, in our deck chairs and beaded and read, the shadows lengthened.
I type this with the sea scent still lingering in my nostrils and a faint heat to my face.
It was a Good Day.
Blessings to all those who can take a 'beach day' on a Thursday.

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