Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wooly Wodensday or An Art Date with my cousin Bonnie

While Autumn was busy painting with her palette outside, we were busy creating and using her Autumn palette inside.
My cousin spent most of the afternoon untangling her hand dyed wool and I jumped from one project to another finally settling on rolling some paper beads I had created out of Japanese calligraphy paper.
I am thinking the paper is rice paper but since I can't read Japanese I will just have to guess.
It takes the Dylusion sprays beautifully and surprisingly doesn't bleed through as much as I thought it would. (probably because it is made for calligraphic ink)  I even made a small video in Video Response Tribute mode to Shannon Green: the Paper Bead Diva.(Shannon, by the way if  you read this, you are so blessed right, making those darn things is ADDICTIVE- they should come with a blue light and a warning!)
Blessings to those who are falling in love (as am I) with Fall and Blessings to those who are being awakened by Spring's sweet song!

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