Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday - Or What We Did On A Pineapple Express Kind of Day

Out in the Pacific, the Autumn storms had been gathering, checking their gps, and making sure they had reservations for the West (ie 'wet') Coast of North America.
Today they decided to pay us a visit, all three of them, Ms Mild Temp (15C), Mr Blowhard (the wind) and of course dear Ms Precipitation who brought along both her cats and dogs.
This was the view from the kitchen balcony door looking on to our deck.
Mr Bear then said the most Surprising Thing:
'I have an Idea, but you are not going to like it..'
'Oh?' I said, mumbling above my steaming cup of bean juice sighing inwardly at all the emails that had snuck in past my folder setups.
'No', he said, (more to himself than anyone else knowing that I was only listening with half an ear) 'it's a perfectly Awful Idea'... (waiting for me to ask what the heck it was ..)
'How about..(dramatic pause) we go to the DOGHOUSE for
WAFFLES?' (Mr Bear can be such a tease at times!)
I think I shut down my computer, poured myself into my clothes, in Olympic Record Time and we were out the door.
The Doghouse Restaurant is An Institution: it is exactly what every Good and Smart Small Town should have: a place to eat, nothing fancy, but has the Intelligence to serve Breakfast until 1600 (4 pm) so if you want to throw your clothes over your jammies, jam your socks into your gumboots, slap a hat on at 230 in the afternoon, and wander in, you can still get your eggs over easy at this place of comestibles.
This is what greets you as you come in through the front door and as you are sitting there waiting for a booth, you can get your juices up and running by having a gander at the desserts.
The sign on the back wall proudly states: HOME MADE PIES - Freshly Made - if you have a mind to, you can purchase the whole pie to take home!

I had already made up my mind (thanks to Mr Bear), I was NOT going to turn down a Belgium waffle with hot Spiced Chunky Apples and Whipped Cream on the side and that is exactly what I got, along with a steaming carafe of fresh made coffee.
Beanjuice and Brunch - what a blessing!

Mr Bear stuck to his usual: an Omelette with all the fixin's.
We rolled home, stuffed as an egg (as the Irish would say).
Blessings of a Good Waffle Saturday to all on here.

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  1. Ah, yes. Anytime breakfasts! We have a mainstay, next town over, that serves breakfast 24/7 ~ can't beat that!