Saturday, August 03, 2013

A quiet backwater in Lughnasadh's port

..Or the calm before the Family BBQ chaos tomorrow.
Mr bear and I scurried round to get the food, burgers, buns, condiments, and FRESH CORN! 
O my heavens, yes. Peaches and cream corn grown right here in the Valley.
Russell Farms Market: We love this place!  one of the best places to get not only corn, but blueberries and strawberries in season!

Then we hit the recycling Depot which boasts not your average work of art in their stairwell:
How is this for a real beauty?
Then Home: to face the task at hand: clearing a space for all that Food that will be coming through the door!
Right now I am typing on a perilously perched pc (hmm say that six times real fast) at the end of a kitchen table (at least I think it is the kitchen table (g) while gazing over the Lost Landscape of Creativity. (the title of the photo on my pc is 'Don't I Wish' (g)
Here is where I now create when the weather is rainy or night has fallen.
My wrenched shoulder has decreed No More Office Chair and sitting for hours in front of the pc, so I am reduced to either the Tablet or reduced minutes here.
I have come to like creating even Blogging! on the Tab though at times it does frustrate me.
Creating in this kitchen space has the distinct advantage of a> being close to the coffee machine and b> being close to the bathroom. Both are Necessities in this artist's life: the bathroom was for cleaning my brushes, what did you think? sheesh already. laughing.
But it will soon be a craft-less area, filled with food.
My family (comprising of cousins and baby cousin) are known to take our motto 'guests never leave hungry' very seriously so no doubt this will become a Groaning Board.
What better way to start off the Lughnasadh Turning, then with a Harvest of Family and Feasting?
Blessings at this Turning to all who read this. Happy Harvest. May your heart be happy.


  1. Merry harvest and here's to a great day with loved one ~ and plenty of food!

    1. Thank you and Blessings fo this Turning to you as well. There was plenty of food for sure. still wondering how our freezer will find room for all the berries yet to come for freezer jam!