Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wanted: One Library 'zoomer' step-ladder

You know the kind I mean, dont you? The ones where you can 'zoom' from one end of your library stack to another, as the ladder travels along the track at the top. I have a floor to ceiling library and try as I may, being height challenged (ie short) there is no way at the present, I can reach the top shelves.
Thinking of libraries and books, brings back wonderful memories of great movie lines: I am proud to be... to be a LIBRaRian! (Rachel Weisz in The Mummy) who promptly falls over drunk and passes out.  Or who could forget Indiana Jones In The Last Crusade where his father (also Dr Jones played magnificently by Sean Connery) is so hoping his son remembers that I stands for a J in the old script. The Da Vinci Code is another great ' Books are a wonderful thing' type of movie and the better read the heroine or hero, the better the outcome. Books save lives apparently. At least in Hollywood movies!
I am a papyrologist,  a lover of all things paper, from origami paper folding to book binding. It seems the more technological we become ( for example I am typing this on a samsung galaxy tablet, not writing it out in longhand on paper) the more we seem to crave hand made and hands on. I know I do. I have fallen head over heels in love with mini albums, books, and journals. I am still in the process of trying to find a balance between what I can do digitally and photographically and hand writing/painting. It is a real battle sometimes between paint and pixel!
In the meantime I am still on the lookout for a small basement sized 'zoomer' library ladder; you will let me know if you find one, won't you.
Blessings to all readers and authors out there. 

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  1. Oh I have always wanted one of those ladders and a library for it to go in! Nothing better than a book to read! Love paper too, my Dad was a printer and I was lucky he would bind all the non printed odds and ends of paper from the days print and bring them home for me!
    Loving your blog, so much to look at! :-)