Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Last Sunday Night I Virtually Sang in Germany..

..along with 5094 other singers from 101 countries: Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 4.
I had previously (knees shaking,voice cracking) submitted my alto video to Virtual Choir 3, his 'Water Night' and miracles of miracles it was accepted in the mix! Over two thousand voices joined together and I was among them, the Unknown Alto 1085. After it was completed, we were told just how special this video was: we were going to 'sing' at the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Titanic Centre in Dublin, at the exact minute that the ship struck the iceberg 100 years ago. It was by all accounts one of the most moving things ever witnessed, the video was played against the huge wall of the atrium and it seemed as if we were singing for those that perished and for those that survived that Awful Event.
Over the past year, since the release of Water Night, the Virtual Choir 3 members became a 'family' with constant updates on Facebook: VC Friends group formed and sustained and for me, an absolute once in a lifetime experience: actually meeting Eric Whitacre in Vancouver last October when he came to conduct his music in the Orpheum Theatre with the Vanouver Chamber Choir.
So when Virtual Choir 4 was announced, how could I not say YES!?
It wasn't until we were in the last stages of submitting our vids when Eric announced just 'who' we would be singing for and why it was so important to get our vid in on time! (June 10)
His 'Fly to Paradise' would be performed at the Coronation Gala at Buckingham Palace for Her Majesty the Queen! And now this past Sunday,we have sung at the Schweslig Holstein Musik Festival with 600 live singers in front and our vid played on the big screen in back. 
My real life passport may have expired, but my pixels have no such requirement and freely travel the world with Eric everywhere he goes.
Blessings to all those who think this is a wonderful idea - it is! Come Join Us!

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