Saturday, August 10, 2013

He sang to his family tonight at the Dairy Queen

Every now and then, he would drum softly on the table while singing in  a melodmious low pitched tenor, full of emotion and heart while his family sat quietly, listening while they ate.
We sat across from them and when the singer turned his head and looked at me, I smiled and asked: "What are you singing?"
"Its one of the Bone Game Songs," he replied,  "Do you know the Quw'utsun' Centre?:"
"Yes," I said.
"I sing there as part of the Cultural Heritage show."
" O how wonderful," I remarked, as I quickly untangled myself from my various cords and plugs (I had brought ny tablet with me to the DQ - free wifi) went over and I put my hand out for him to shake, He took it and I told him my name, then asked, "What is your name please?"
And then I shook the hand of the woman who was seated next to him, who told me she was Cynthia,
I thanked them both for sharing their heritage songs with us, returned to my seat packed up and walked out to the car under a glorious sunset which followed us almost all the way home.
Blessings of a warm summer evening and a sunset ending.

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