Monday, August 05, 2013

Fishing with Elvis and Fresh Figs

The other night we were out and a very weird voice mail was left on our phone.
Hi this is Ed -
Right now Im in the Pacific Ocean -
Over top of a live volcano -
Fishing with Elvis.
Just checking in with you folks at Quail Hill.
Catch you later, Ed.
Mr Bear and I (when we played it back) thought o oh he's had a few too many of his pain meds.
Turns out thankfully not to be the case!
He spoke the absolute truth.
He was on a road trip and had stopped off in Oregon to go fishing.
He was calling us from the boat in the Pacific Ocean, they were right on top of thermal vent from a live volcano underneath them and the guy he was fishing with was, you guessed it, named Elvis!
Had he thought to bring his passport with him, we could have hosted Ed yesterday at the family BBQ, as he was only 150 miles away at one point, but now that he knows how far he can go on his motorbike, we may be seeing him sooner than we think!
Still on the Beloved Friends theme: How many friends do you have who risk life and limb and death to bring you fresh green figs as a gift?
Meet Dayle whom I known for at least 3 decades.
The figs she brought are very very precious, greater in value than the Crown Jewels and here are the reasons why:
Dayle picked these for us from her son's tree and risked death twice over by doing so!
Death dying act 1 - She had to climb a stepladder to reach them (the ripest are always at the top apparently)
Death dyfing act 2 - She is DEATHLY allergic to wasps who of course cluster around any kind of ripening fruit, FIGS IN PARTICULAR!
Her epi pen is always close by in her purse and when she came through the door yesterday, she said to us, Please dont' let anyone move it - it contains my epi pen and I may have to get to it in a hurry!
I made sure as our guests arrived that they DIDN'T TOUCH OR MOVE DAYLE'S PURSE!
(During the BBQ, armed with an electic bug zapper, she killed 10 of the little suckers that had the audacity to buzz her!)  She has great hand eye co ordination does our Dayle,
So dear readers: I present to you a photo of those precious death dying green figs - which will not last long (as you can see 3 are gone already!)
Blessings of weird and wonderful voicemails, precious green figs and of course great Friends!

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