Tuesday, August 27, 2013

She was told (that at Her Age) she shouldn't go to Paris

A group of my online artlie friends are challenging each other to create different style cards each week.
I  heard about it last night and decided to try my hand.
The Theme this week is Shabby Chic and after consulting Ms.Jennings644 who has a helpful youtube video doing the ultimate defining as to exactly what 'shabby chic' is, here is my version:
The title is: 'She was told (that at Her Age) she should'nt go to Paris, so she did.'
This type of feisti-ness is right down my alley as I want to be an Outrageous Crone when I grow up!
Blessing to all those women who are catching an early flight to Paris, just because they can. 
Ingredients: Napkin collage using the amazing PPA glue (can't live without it, seriously NO wrinkles!) on a base of Opus's own 140 lb Italian made watercolour paper. 
The quote is mine (g). Wonder who I was thinking of?

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