Friday, October 04, 2013

Friday's Free For All - BYS&UD &n Bless Your Realtor Day!

Not only is it Bless Your Sox and Undies Day but for us it was also Reconnecting Over Lunch Day with one of favourite people: Janet our former realtor.
This lady helped Quail Hill 'find' us in 2007 (wow, that's six years ago!) and we have kept in touch ever since. When we were property hunting, we lived on the Mainland and she of course was on the Island, so that meant this dear soul, picked us up at the ferry terminal, drove us around for most of the day looking at the properties on her list and then put us back on the boat. She did that for over a SIX month period!
So over lunch at the Craig Street Brew Pub, we had a good natter, caught up on things and to Janet's delight, Ms P came as well whom she hadn't seen in three years!
All in all, a great way to spend the time over a bowl of hot butternut squash soup and salad.
Beef stew tonight with the SSI (Secret Scottish Ingredient) - I'll give you the 'fork' review  (1-5 forks).
Blessings and may this Fall bring an unexpected reconnection with someone you have missed.

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