Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday: Malahat Meander

Today was Mr Bear's transplant clinic day and so far Sidney the Kidney has been giving Mr Bear Gold Stars every time they go in to yak and check up on things.
We are now down to every six weeks and once a month bloodwork! A small thing you may think but considering that bloodwork has been done every two weeks, his left arm is very very thankful.
Well enough about that (TMI most likely) -
Let's look at the photos from the day:
First up are the Quail Hill Hydrangeas.
Still glorious though fading.
In order to get to the Transplant Clinic in Victoria, we have to drive over the Malahat Mountain. On a day like today, with full Autumn glory on either side, it is not a hardship! 
This was the view from our car as we drove our way through the mountainside. Everywhere we looked, the BigLeaf Maples were living flames against the dark green hillside.
And o Yes, remember the Vampyr Hunter's Journal that I created for our friend? (see Saturday's blog post for details) He works at the Transplant Clinic and he honestly 'squealed' for joy like a little boy at Christmas when I handed it to him!
It made my artist's heart very glad that he loved it so much!
After our clinic date, we met up with my friend Dayle for a walkabout and much needed 'bead stop' at Beadworld to gather more supplies for my ongoing project.

The late afternoon sun was turning the Victorian buildings that wonderful rosy glow you can only get in the Autumn and here is a sample of what I was able to capture. Yes that is St Nick on top of that building! He is there all year round, keeping an eye on 'who's naughty or nice'.

I also found found these interesting shop displays
A bike parked outside the Sacred Herb shop with yes 'sacred herbs' in its basket.
And for those fashionistas out there - how about a pair of Cowichan First Nations Gumboots with Traditional Cowichan designs on them?
(these were filed under the 'WANT" department in my brain's filing cabinet.)
And that is it for the day my friends.
I hope your Wednesday (Hump Day) was a good one.
Blessings to all those of you who travel over a mountain to work: Mind How You Go and Safe Home.

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  1. I always enjoy seeing the beauty of the istand, and hearing of your adventures! thx for blogging and sharing my friend.... :)