Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thorsday: All Hallows in the West Coast 'Hood

Thankfully the rain held off so our little tricky treaters were not traipsing around in sodden costumes. (scenes from my childhood).
Our local WalMart seems to be the place for last minute costumes.
Here is a typical 'wet' coast Hallowe'en decorated house (notice the fresh cut firewood on the side of the house, a sure sign of a local!)
And these creatures were the first ones to ring our doorbell!
After we totaled up our candy handouts, it turns out we had
83 TrickyTreaters! 
If you celebrated it, I do hope it was not too cold or wet where you are.
Blessings on this Turning of the Wheel as we head into Yuletide Season.
PS. I found out by watching a Canadian Tire ad that if you can see your breath, it's Officially below 7C. Who Knew?

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