Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday: Stuffing Swans day

Hooray for Thorsday!
Thor's hammer managed to somehow SLAM DOWN whatever buggies decided to infect me and I was actually well enough to accompany Mr Bear down to our local Safeway for our annual flu shot.
(Irony, I had to be well to get one) :(
Yay for us!
In two weeks time we should be able to venture further afield and be more or less 'under the dome' of immunity.
I'm still dosing myself with oil of oregano in any case. We have our niece Jenn and her newborn Master David presenting themselves for oohing and ahhing the first week of November so we want to be 'covered' for sure.
Not only did I get my flu shot - I... (ahem, preening here just a bit) ALSO got my 84 SWANS Stuffed into a Tyvek envelope, labeled and Expedited to the States where they will be joined by others from the 12 Days of Christmas Swap! TA DA!
I'm feeling quite righteously proud of this Momentous Achievement (must be the cold meds I am on) :)
It was a sparkly white holly wreath with a snowflake glue on the back, a digital pic composite done by me of a Momma Swan with her 6 cygnets swimming and behind them was the 12 Days of Christmas Music sheet.
I also embellished each tag with a few glass beads including the number 7 and tied it all together with sparkly white eyelash yarn making it look feathery.
Other than that: it was another Sparkling Pumpkin Cider Day, so warm that folks were wearing tank tops and t shirts and yet chilly enough in the shadows to warrant a good sweater.
Love the contrast and colours this time of year!
Blessings of a Fruitful Autumn to my N. Hemisphere friends and blessings of a Fruitful Spring to S. Hemisphere'rs!

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