Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday and I'm Looking Back a Year Ago

Tonight is the Anniversary of a Life Event that literally ticked all my boxes.
Not only did I get to meet a small band of intrepid Virtual Choir 3 members, but we had the inestimable privilege meeting with EricWhitacre pre-concert as well.
That evening in the magnificent Orpheum, downtown Vancouver, we sat enthralled in wonder and delight as he wove his musical magic around us.
To Put It Simply: All My Boxes Were Ticked.

In order here are the Youtube links to Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir Videos
(I sang alto in the last two: WaterNight and Fly To Paradise)
Lux Aurumque
Fly To Paradise
Blessings to all those Virtual Choir members out there, past, present and future!

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