Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thorsday Thoughts: Portfolio of Desires vs Bucket List

Dear Perusers:
"Bucket List" has always struck me as a rather negative phrase, so I thought to put a more positive spin on the same idea and call it my 'Portfolio of Desires'.
This particular Desire suprised me but after watching episodes of 'The Bridge' and hearing Swedish spoken, made me want to put Sweden and Norway on the List as places to visit.
My paternal grandfather was Swedish and my grandmother was Norwegian and other than a once a year treat of lefse during the Holiday Season, that was pretty much it as far as cultural heritage went. It wasn't until we moved to the city and the Danish Home held Midsomerfest on its grounds, that I became more knowledgeable about my Scandinavian roots. I have always been aware of the Celt in me thanks to my mother but I am not even sure my father knew anything of his heritage. He definitely did not talk much about it,  probably due to the fact that his father, my grandfather left home at 16 and never looked back.
According to anthropologists, I am a Celtic Viking which when you come to think of it, is pretty ironic considering the History between them.
We are currently planning a trip overseas to Italy but after that, we may well find ourselves on 'that bridge' crossing over from Denmark to Sweden.
Blessings to those who are busy organizing their folders in their own Portfolio of Desires.

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